Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Expand Your Point of View - It's Life Changing!

Read the contents of the box below aloud:


Some of you read: Opportunity Is Nowhere.
Some of you read: Opportunity Is Now Here .

This exercise makes me think of a statement that I read, “The difference between an opportunity and an obstacle is often our point of view.”

What a difference perception makes right?

Next time you feel like nothing is going the way you’d like it to, think about it again. Allow yourself a chance to look at the situation differently. "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."     

It's true. Trust me ;-)

When is the last time you realized that the root of the problem was the way in which you viewed the situation?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

GIVEAWAY WINNERS of The Only Way is Up

The winners of The Only Way is Up  are lucky commenters #1. 
 That's PATRICIA here at RHP and ALISHA over at RHP on FB!

 Send your mailing address to and please come back to tell us what you think about the book!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Interview: Houstina Summers (author) and book GIVEAWAY

I would like to introduce you all to Houstina Summers. Below you will find my interview with the first time author who has written a novel to bring awareness to gang violence.

Here is a quick synopsis: "Summers penned her novel in five months after receiving a vision to help our youth from falling victim to senseless killings due to African American and Hispanic gang violence.  Does LOVE CONQUER ALL? Some might say it’s just in theory only, but the question is in many tests in Angelica’s Revenge.  Will an inter-racial love relationship between African American and Hispanic gang members solve the problem or add fire to flames?" 

RHP: When did you know that you wanted to be a writer?
HS: I was told I was a writer in High School, but never gave any effort toward it because I didn’t believe that I was. Well, I guess I was wrong because I was blessed to have my first novel published.

RHP: What was your biggest obstacle or distraction while writing your book?
HS: I was going through a personal battle while writing the novel. My father was diagnosed with cancer and was given one month to live. He was already in the last stages and I had to fight not to give up. I know that’s what he would have wanted.

RHP: How receptive were people to the idea that you wanted to be a writer?
HS: To my surprise, everyone that I told about the novel concept was receptive with open arms. They really liked the story and pushed me to continue writing.

RHP: Who was the first person you let read your book and how did you feel about their reaction to your work?
HS: The first person that I let read my novel was the most critical person in my life, my husband. He usually doesn’t entertain my ideas because I get a lot of them. However, after he read the story I could see the excitement on his face, and he has been my biggest supporter ever since.

RHP: How does completing your book compare to other major accomplishments in your life?
HS: Once I complete a project I actually feel free. While writing, I felt like I was in bondage until I completed each chapter. Day and night I’d type away, and even dream about what I’d write next. So, I’d have to say once I was finished, the freedom of completion was a big accomplishment.

RHP: What prompted you to write a fiction novel considering your motivation is to help youths dealing with gang violence is very real?
HS: Good question, though it’s a fictional novel, several events throughout stem from actual life experiences. There is no fiction when it comes to gang violence, and though the plot of the story may be fictional, the events are very real in inner city neighborhoods across America.

RHP: What would you tell other women who have dreams of becoming authors and entrepreneurs?
HS: I’d tell them to dream no more, and simply walk into what you want your reality to be. Dreaming is just the first step, now it’s your time to leave your mark on this earth.

RHP: Can you identify any challenges while becoming an author and entrepreneur that you felt were the result of being a minority and/or a woman? How did/do you overcome them?
HS: I remember when I was selling at a booth and women of another race had a question about my product.  No matter how much I tried, she refused to talk to me. She demanded to talk to my assistant who happened to be the same race as she. I just chuckled and kept on moving. I try not and dwell on obstacles, I overcome them.

RHP: What else would you like us to know about you here at Reading Has Purpose?
HS: Just know that I am where I am today because God had a purpose for me. To write about a topic such as gang violence, is very sensitive to people, and can be a true burden, especially if you have lost of a loved one. I’m here to share the story that was given to me to help broken hearts heal, and explain how to love those who hate you.

You can find out more and purchase a copy of Houstina's novel here at the publisher site, on the book's blog or you can enter to win a copy below! If you don't think you'll read it, give it to someone who will!

Thanks Houstina for providing a copy of your book for the giveaway!

GIVEAWAY- Angelica's Revenge

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Many of you have figured out that I rarely read fiction. However, I didn't want that to prevent me from introducing the author and the book. I will disclose that I have not read this book and I can not vouch for its contents.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Folake Taylor, MD has provided a copy of her book The Only Way is Up for one of you! Additionally I am giving away my copy which means you have 2 CHANCES TO WIN!

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The Only Way is Up by Folake Taylor, MD

I am participating in my second Virtual Book Tour courtesy of Books AND! This book was provided by the author and she has also generously provided a copy for one of you! The following are my unbiased thoughts on The Only Way is Up by Folake Taylor, MD.

The Only Way is Up is filled with tips that can help eliminate stressors from your life. This book is neatly organized into sections that allow easy referencing on the topics contained. It reminds me of the For Dummies series; it’s full of lessons stated in their simplest form.

There were several parts of this book that I enjoyed, particularly the tips on nutrition, health, and weight. I even implemented a few of them this week. Also, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Taylor’s persistence and determination when she arrived in this country. But there were certain parts of this book that I found less entertaining.

I had mixed feelings on the chapter entitled To All My Single Ladies.  I am aware that married people were once single people but I also know that what you think you would do and what you actually would do are sometimes two different things. There is one piece of advice in particular that stuck out to me only because I think it’s worth expounding upon.

Taylor advises single women to ask their man if he has what I refer to as homosexual tendencies. That might not be a bad idea, but just asking certainly doesn’t mean that you’re in the clear. I find it hard to believe that any man engaged in such activities would readily come clean on that one.

I was somewhat put off by several comments made in Chapter 9 entitled Culture Shock. Taylor does issue a disclaimer at the beginning of the chapter. But anytime you preface statements asking people not to take offense, it’s usually because you think you might offend someone.  So whatever it is that you want to say probably shouldn’t be said, unless of course you aren’t concerned with whether or not someone will actually be offended. Simply stating ” …there are the good, the bad, the ugly and the harmless in each and every culture” does not soften the blows dished out in this chapter regarding American culture.

Finally, nothing struck me as profound while reading this book. But that can be attributed to the types of books I read. I prefer to read books that require more thought. This book would have been perfect for me 5-8 years ago but after reading titles like Virus of the Mind, The Laws of Thinking, Letter to My Daughter and etcetera, this book just couldn’t compete.

I certainly do not rate this book poorly; I do however rate it 'not for me'. Since I think this book would greatly benefit someone, I’m giving away my copy in addition to the one that is being provided by the tour.

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The Only Way is Up on Amazon  


Folake Taylor is a board certified Internal Medicine Physician who resides in the suburbs of Atlanta GA with her husband and toddler. She was born in the United Kingdom to Nigerian born parents and was raised in both the UK and Nigeria before relocating to the United States to live the American dream. She hopes to spread a message of empowerment and reinforce family values.

Find out more information about the author at
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Monday, November 1, 2010

Deja Vu: Worth That Doesn't Equate to Dollars and Cents

Today I was watching a documentary on the development of a malaria vaccine. There currently isn’t one. In 2008, an estimated 190 - 311 million cases of malaria occurred worldwide and 708,000 - 1,003,000 people died, most of them young children in sub-Saharan Africa.

Developing a vaccine for malaria is not a high priority for drug companies as there is little financial incentive.  Additionally, with the expected effectiveness, it is thought that even with a vaccine it may not save enough children.

My question is, “How many is enough?” After the documentary ended, I immediately remembered reading something from Gifted Hands that Ben Carson’s mother told him, “There isn’t anybody in the world who isn’t worth something.”

Now if only we can get these heavy hitting drug companies to recognize that worth as something other than dollars and cents. 

What illness would you like to see eradicated? Have you made a charitable contribution to an organization that supports that cause?