Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Brad's Raw Made Easy by Brad Gruno

A lot of people consider going raw for weight loss or weight maintenance. I wasn't interested in the book for either reason. I thought it may be a way to eliminate acne outbreaks. Contrary to popular belief, you do not outgrow acne. So I replied to the notice to receive a free review copy and the book arrived a few days later.

Brad Gruno is the founder of Brad’s Raw Foods. The book briefly outlines how Brad’s Raw Foods came to fruition in the Introduction. Anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit will find it inspiring and also pick up a few tips on what to do when building a business.

The following chapters contain a wealth of information on what food does to the body and how the body uses it. He makes a pretty solid argument, or so it seems to me a novice, for going raw. But I don't think anyone would argue that a raw diet is not healthy, unless you have medical conditions that would lead to the contrary. So I didn’t need convincing. I was on board from the moment I requested the book!

The problem I’ve had in the past with making any modifications to my diet is the amount of effort it takes to learn how to prepare meals again. I remember one occasion, the grocery store clerk walked by and asked, “You’re still here!?” I was literally spending hours reading labels and trying to find things. I found it easier to just get what I’ve always gotten and get the heck out of the store.

Not only does this book have a massive list of food items that can be used to prepare meals.It contains the nutrients they provide along with the health benefits. And he includes over 80 pages of recipes for you!

I think the key that will make this work is that Gruno actually encourages you to balance your raw diet with cooked food but only 20% of the time. And only after the detox, which does require going 100% raw for 4 weeks. The flexibility in what to eat (meal plans are included), when to eat, and even how to eat will allow a lot more people to be successful.

Other lifestyle changes like exercise, meditation and how to incorporate these gradually into your daily routine are also discussed. All of these sections have subtitles so you can easily skip them if you just want to stick with how to go raw.

Although the author takes care to consider people who are budget conscious, there are a few (5 at most) kitchen gadgets that you will need to make most of the recipes that are in the book. Gruno notes that the only mandatory tool is a good set of knives and I won’t say that isn’t true, but if your patience is like mine it will take exactly one day for you to decide that it requires too much effort.

The final pages are packed with thorough responses to FAQ’s. So that may clear up any questions remaining after you finish the book. I had never heard of Brad Gruno before requesting this book but after reading it, he seems like a pretty cool guy. 

So what do you think?  Are you going to go for it!?

Find out more at www.bradsrawchips.com, www.facebook.com/bradsrawchips, and on Twitter @BradsRawFoods

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Athira said...

I'm curious about this book! Most of the time the only raw meals I hear about are salads. I prefer cooking my foods but sometimes I want to eat raw, especially for lunches. I'll take a look at this book.

Shannon @ Reading Has Purpose said...

That's what I liked. He included so much variety in the meal choices. Although while transitioning to raw (he discourages doing it cold turkey) replacing a meal with salads is on of the methods used.