Thursday, November 14, 2013

Books Galore: For the Men!

Since Tuesday’s post was kind of one sided, here’s a little something for all of the men that follow Reading Has Purpose (I know you're out there!).

This turned out to be the year that several worldclass athletes decided to speak their truth. All of these books were published in 2013! You may want to add a few to your wish list this holiday season!

Earl the Pearl: My Story by Earl Monroe and Quincy Troupe

*Undisputed Truth by Mike Tyson and Larry Sloman

Dr J: The Autobiography by Julius Erving and Karl Taro Greenfeld

Becoming Mr. October by Reggie Jackson and Kevin Baker

Driven: From Homeless to Hero, My Journeys On and Off Lambeau Field by Donald Driver

*Mike Tyson recently completed a nationwide tour, Undisputed Truth: Live on Stage. I saw the show when he came to DC. The monologue, directed by Spike Lee, has been made into an HBO film and it debuts on Saturday Nov 16. If you’re a Tyson fan, it will be worth it to tune in! 

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Between Boyfriends Book by Cindy Chupack

I expected this book to be a snoozer but since it was a book club selection I decided to cooperate, reluctantly,  and read it. It’s written by Cindy Chupack writer/executive producer of HBO’s Sex and the City and although I wasn’t a fan of the show, the book club members agreed that it gave them flashbacks to the highly popular series.
The book started off a little slow for me. Then I came to The Relationship Equivalency Exam which the author believes that every woman should give to any man that she is seriously interested in. Question 2 was: MATH - How many women can you have sex with and still be monogamous?  Smiley And from there, I was sold. I finished the book in one day.
If you know someone who has been between boyfriends for a significant amount of time, she will find this book entertaining. And in some places, it’s a slap in the face because it forces you to relive those I should’ve known better moments.
I was in agreement with everything discussed almost down to the sentence because this book gets it right. It’s raw and it’s pretty close to perfect.  

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Long Division by Kiese Laymon

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Released earlier this year, Long Division is Kiese Laymon’s debut novel.  After attending his author event and book signing shortly after the release, I became a fan. Something about him seemed very genuine. He keeps it real, or as the characters in this book would say, he keeps it 100.
The book is set in Mississippi in 3 different decades (2013, 1985, 1964) and being told from the perspective of a teenage boy named City.  As can be expected when listening in on the conversation of teenagers, I found myself becoming uninterested at times. But with City himself being very intelligent and very funny, I wanted to keep reading.   
As City travels between decades, he takes note of the differences between past and present with observations like this, “What happened to real actors and comedians? On all these stations, you see people you would see at the mall fighting. And when did McDonalds start using black folks in commercials?”  I thought it was clever on the part of Laymon and was even trying to think back on the way the changes had occurred over the course of time.
It may seem cliché that if you set a story in the 1960’s and you’re in Mississippi, you have to touch on the obvious, race relations.  But this book does and it does in numerous ways which are captured through City's relationships with his grandmother, friends, teachers and uncle to name a few. 
This book made me feel all kind of ways.  I was particularly uncomfortable with a few liberties taken by the author with one of the characters. But overall, since I was the same age as the main character in 2 of the 3 time periods, I found the relatability of it enjoyable.  
Laymon also released a second book  this year (How to Slowly Kill Yourself and Others in America) and is currently a professor at Vassar College in New York.
My autographed copy of Long Division