Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pride and Prejudice Book Scarf

 You've probably seen this scarf a few times by now. Well, I had to have it!

Photo Credit: storiartis on Etsy

This scarf was an impulse purchase. Fortunately, I didn’t regret it.  When I opened the package, I immediately appreciated the quality of the fabric. It’s durable but soft. And this scarf isn’t just for show, it protects from the weather. 

It’s a good width and length. I didn't have to tug to get it over my head a second time (I have a big head!) and it doesn't have to be wrapped five times to fit properly.


The text is on the inside and outside of the scarf so it can be twisted any way you like. With the color scheme, I put it on with anything.

You can find this scarf at the STORIARTS by Torri Tissell shop on Etsy.

Disclosure:  I purchased this scarf with my own money and have had no interaction with the shop owner about anything other than my purchase. I just love the scarf!


Savvy WorkingGal said...

I just love this scarf. It would make a great gift for any book lover.

Shannon @ Reading Has Purpose said...

Agreed. I keep checking back for more colors. Black is the only other option right now.

honeylemontea said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad that you did or I might have missed this scarf. I guess I'm the only one that doesn't know about it. :) Thanks for sharing!


Alysia A said...

SSSoooooooo jealous! I want to get one too! I love it!!! Too cute. I LOVE THIS!!! *Sweek*

Shannon @ Reading Has Purpose said...

That's how I felt when I opened the package haha!