Thursday, March 6, 2014

Author Event with Okey Ndibe

Last week, Okey Ndibe was in town to discuss his new novel, Foreign Gods, Inc. This post will be short because Politics and Prose shared a link to some of the best parts of the discussion!
He's not short. I'm 5'10" and wearing 4 inch heels!

The event attendees raved about the book. After much nudging from the audience, we got what may or may not be confirmation of a Foreign Gods, Inc sequel from Ndibe. But the ending of this book certainly begs for it!

Getting my book signed.

I started and finished reading the book a few days after attending the event. I most enjoyed the witty writing and facetious remarks of the characters. The writing style has me looking forward to reading Arrows of Rain which was published in 2000.

“Well, anything born of a snake will never fail to resemble a rope.” Foreign Gods, Inc


I haven’t decided if I will write a review. But for an immediate summary of the book, you can follow the affiliate links to Amazon.

Affiliate Links
Foreign Gods, Inc. on Amazon
Arrows of Rain on Amazon

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