Monday, October 20, 2014

Letter To My Daughter by Maya Angelou

Letter To My Daughter is categorized as one of Maya Angelou’s many autobiographies. This book contains snapshots of “events and lessons that [she] found useful.” With this book being published in 2008, Angelou had a chance to reflect on nearly her entire life. Knowing that made the events that she chose to write about even more significant.

Many of you may know that Angelou had only one child, a son. But she would tell you that she had thousands of daughters. I’ve deemed this autobiography as a love letter. It's a book that says these are the lessons that you do not have to learn for yourself.

The thought of becoming a teen mother and being beaten to near death may be foreign to some people. The idea of traveling the world as a dancer and having friends like James Baldwin, Alex Haley, and Coretta Scott King may sound like something that doesn’t happen to someone like you. But even though your story may not be the same as hers, Angelou has a way of showing you yourself through her own experiences.

I finished the book in couple of hours. When I was done, I had marked something from nearly every chapter. It was certainly worth the time it took to read it. Actually, it was worth more.

“I don’t believe that we should be brutal about anything, however, it is wonderfully liberating to be honest. One does not have to tell all one knows but we should be careful what we do say is the truth.”
Letter to My Daughter

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Stefani @ Keep It Wordy said...

I know we read about famous people passing away every so often now, but something really touched me when I learned of Maya's passing. I remember reading Know I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings and that being such an incredible story of a life. This one looks really powerful as well!

Trisha Renee said...

I love this book and many of her books for that matter. I been reading her books since I was little and it was I was so sad to hear that she died. This is a great write-up about to the book, makes me want to go back and reread it.

Shannon @ Reading Has Purpose said...

I made a list of all of her books and am currently in the process of purchasing them. It may take a while since I rarely buy new books, but with my current to-read list, there is on rush. I plan to read all of Angelou's books.

Darkowaa said...

Nice! I must add this to the collection soon. Its been on my tbr for a while and it sounds reflective and useful! Seems somewhat of a self-help book with lots of words of wisdom :)