Monday, June 30, 2014

A Few Bookish Updates!

You may remember me raving about Miles:The Autobiography. Well I’ve been a hardcore fan since finishing the book. So I had to tell everybody once I found out that  Don Cheadle has launched a crowdsource campaign to bring Miles’ story to the big screen! I found out about this several weeks ago and I’m still excited. To learn about the project and donate to the campaign, visit the Indiegogo page.

When I learned that my dearest Edwidge Danticat was on board to have one of her short stories turned into a film, my heart begin to sing. And then, I felt like I had lost something when I received an email stating that the project had not reached its funding goals. I’m not sure how well it was publicized considering the only place that I saw it was on Edwidge’s Facebook page. But fortunately, the director of the project is not giving up yet! You can find out more information on the project and where to donate by visiting the  Kickstarter page.

Danticat and the film director
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Today is the day; Forty Acres has been released! I received an advance reader copy of the book courtesy of the publisher and I’ve been recommending it since I finished reading it. I enjoyed the book but I think it’s worth recommending because it is a book that you will want to talk to people about, whether you like it or not. If you missed the review, you can find it here

The New York Times posted an interesting article, New Wave of African Writers With an Internationalist Bent. They mention several authors that have been covered right here on Reading Has Purpose: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Teju Cole, Aminatta Forna, Chinua Achebe, and Marita Golden. Reviews and author events for each of these authors can be found under the Reading Has Purpose "Bookish Life" or “Book By Author” tabs. So please do share blog posts that you like and keep coming back because this is where you can find the good stuff!!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Forty Acres by Dwayne Alexander Smith

This book gets right down to it: At your core, who are you? That’s the question Martin Grey is faced with when he is welcomed into the inner circle of a small group of uber-successful black men. All “titans of industry,” married, and wealthy, these men think that Martin has what it takes to join their ranks.

Damon Darrell, super star attorney, decides to have Martin meet the group of friends when he is defeated by Martin in a case that no one expected Martin to win. After inviting Martin and his wife to a dinner party with all of the couples in attendance, Damon later extends an invitation for Martin to attend the men’s upcoming rafting getaway.

Once Martin is on Damon’s private jet along with the rest of the group, he starts having suspicions. They land on an isolated landing strip after which they drive several miles into the woods before arriving at their destination: Forty Acres, a plantation. At Forty Acres, all of the slaves are white and the descendants of former slave owners. Under the guidance of the men’s mentor, Dr. Kashim, Martin’s submersion into this culture begins.

Dr. Kashim believes that by seeking this form of justice for former slaves, black men will be able to release the constant burden dwelling in their subconscious, allowing them to reach their full potential. Damon and friends, along with other small groups of men that visit the plantation from around the country, are proof of this concept.

As Dr. Kashim puts Martin through his mental initiation, Damon and friends arrange his physical initiations. A  horrific final test leads the men to believe that Martin is finally one of them. But all along, Martin has been plotting his escape, going along with it all in order to make it off of the plantation alive. Whew! I’m getting anxious just writing about it.

I didn’t care for the wives and am not sure they added much to the story. With the exception of Martin’s wife, they are women whose primary interests revolve around spending the money that their husbands earn. They couldn’t care less what their husbands are doing, as long as it’s kept under wraps if it’s foul. And of course, as long as the checks keep rolling in.

This book absolutely positively will leave you feeling like you need to talk about it. The ending leads one to believe that there will be a sequel. And I think it's screaming for a movie.

Forty Acres will be released on July 01, 2014. It is currently available for pre-order.

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I received a copy of this book courtesy of the publisher. As with all reviews posted, views expressed are genuine and are in no way influenced by external sources.